Planning a Strategy Board Game Party

Games for when You’re Bored

Board Games can either make a large group of people really happy, or really bored. Board Game Parties can be a lot of fun when the right games and people come together. Whether or not the party is a success is up to you, and some savvy planning ahead of time will help.

Pre-Play the Game

Don’t be afraid to try new games. Walking into a game shop will introduce you to dozens of new titles, but some games were never meant to see the light of day. Invariably, we all own at least one of them. If you have at least played through the games, not only can you vouch that they really are fun, you can explain the rules for most of the situations that come up. Do also play them with a couple of friends or family members because while you may think them fun, you may also be alone in that opinion.

Know Your Audience

According to Get Games Go, certain people are just not strategy board game people, growing sick of it after a few minutes of play; others could sit and play a strategy board games Risk for 9 hours and be happy for a re-match. The trick is picking the right game for the group in question. For people who want to be more active, a fast-paced, game with a variable number of rounds, like Scattergories or Apples to Apples might be in order; for those who are content to relax and plan, longer games like Scrabble or Cranium may well be massively successful. As you know your friends, you will know which games will be most successful. When in doubt, ask friends to bring along their favorite games!

Provide Refreshments

People are far more amiable when plied with free food and drink. Especially when the games are dragging on for multiple rounds, or the ending doesn’t seem to be in sight, a bowl of chips or plate of cookies can make a never-ending game seem a little shorter. Snacks also give players something to do between turns, when they can begin to get really bored.

Just a Game

Serious gamers may not endorse this tip: Encourage conversation. What is more essential to a party? The game was played, or that people had fun? Take the game lightly, it’s meant to be fun! Winning or losing doesn’t doesn’t matter, and if the game is starting to lose peoples’ interest, don’t be afraid to call it and move on. The purpose of the event isn’t to play a game, but to enjoy yourselves, so why continue to trudge through a boring strategy board game?

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